How To Become A Member

Metta Housing Co-operative is part of a co-operatively-run housing community at Cathedral Square in downtown Toronto. It is located in the Dundas Street / Church Street area.

If you require a rent geared to income (subsidized) unit please contact Toronto Social Housing Connections at 416-981-6111 (176 Elm St.).

Please note that this is not the application form. You will be called in to fill out the Application Form and schedule an interview with the Member Selection Committee, and landlord/credit checks, when you are closer to the top of the waiting list. At that point, a $20 application fee will apply. After that, your application will be submitted to the Board of Directors for approval.

Your placement on the Waiting List is determined by the date in which this Interest Form is received by Metta Housing Co-op. You are responsible for updating the information you have provided.

Benefits & Responsibilities of Membership

Co-operative housing is a unique alternative to renting or owning a home. Co-op members enjoy many advantages over tenants who rent, but at the same time must take more responsibility to make sure the co-op runs well.

Benefits of Co-op Housing

  1. Security: We are secure in our homes and cannot be asked to leave so long as we fulfill our obligations to the co-op.
  2. Stable Housing Charges: Housing Charges go up only as operation costs increase, not profits.
  3.  A Sociable Environment: Friendships often develop in a housing co-op. Members get to know one another through participation and activities planned by the Social Committee.
  4. Increased Mobility: A family can move from one unit to another within the co-op as it increases or decreased in size.
  5. Control of the Housing Environment: The members make the decisions regarding landscape, pets, maintenance standards, as well as determining acceptable noise levels and how to handle disputes between members.
  6. A Voice in Management of the Co-op: By coming to general meetings and serving on the Board or committees, members work together to manage the co-op. The Ontario Co-operative Corporation Act guarantees the following rights:
    • the right to run for election to the Board of Directors of the co-op;
    • the right to participate in making or amending the by-laws, and receiving the annual report of the auditors. This report is essential in so far as it enables the member to inform himself or herself of the financial state of the co-op;
    • the right to request that a matter be included on the agenda which is to be discussed at a general meeting;
    • in collaboration with other members, the right to make proposals for the dismissal of the members of the Board of Directors according to the procedure set out in the Ontario Co-operative Corporation Act.

Responsibilities of the Member

In order for the co-op to function as a democratic community the membership must assume a number of responsibilities. Each of the members must contribute to the co-op in some way, depending on the individual’s skills, life-style, etc. Minimum expectations include such things as:

Paying monthly housing charges on time without having to be reminded and meeting any other financial obligations to the co-op.

Maintaining one’s unit in good condition (cooperating with inspections and carry out alterations and repairs and decorating as required by the co-op regulations). Reporting maintenance problems including any sign of roaches.

  1. Protecting and maintaining common areas. (If you see a mess, clean it up!)
  2. Attending general meetings of the co-op.
  3. Participating on co-op committees.
  4. Getting along with you neighbors.
  5. Supplying income verification information quickly when requested.

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